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Hey travel lovers! I’m Verena, the writer behind the travel blog Postcards from V. I’ve been traveling since I’m a child and it got my real passion and lifeblood. If at the beach, in the mountains or in one of the biggest metropoles on earth, the unforgettable impressions and memories are what always matters most to me.

The enthusiasm for traveling comes probably through my parents. Since they are traveling a lot, my brother and I had the chance to see the world with them. So we traveled from Namibia to Australia to America and so on. But still my thirst for different countries, cities, people, food and cultures is not satisfied – not at all! I want more and it feels like a drug. So I try to travel as much as I can. And here on Postcards from V I can welcome you to follow me on my trips.


The greatest inspiration for my blog name was my mom,
always asking me to send her postcards from my trips.


Postcards from V, About, DivingI started blogging, because for me it’s important to write down and share my experiences with you and to inform you about the good things in life. Also I want to encourage you to take that first step, to work up the courage to go on new adventures and to motivate you to achieve your own goals.

I studied journalism and worked for several newspapers and the magazines Joy and Shape. I got experiences at the online interior shop Westwing and now I’m working at the marketing office Redblue. All these jobs have shown me how important words are and that there is always a reason to bring words alive. Because with my own words I can touch others and help them begin their own journeys. That’s why I started blogging and that’s why Postcards from V exists now.


About Postcards from V

You won’t just see where I have been, which restaurants you can go to and what hotspots you must visit, but also get some helpful tips I made throughout my trips. You will read posts about what I’ve learned so far from my trips, what you should know about different countries. And you will get an exclusive overview how locals live and what you can do to make YOUR trips as awesome as mine.

Because this is what I want: to inspire and help you with your upcoming adventures. So Postcards from V is both my personal travel diary and a useful guide for you.

On my blog, you can choose either one of the five continents Europe, America, Australia, Asia and Africa to get your inspiration or you can have a look at my travel tips. Whatever you like, whatever you need – you are going to find it, guaranteed! Have fun reading and stay tuned. There is a lot more to come!

Getting excited now? Great! I hope I can make your life a little easier with my tips and you find what you are looking for on Postcards from V. If you have any questions, you can contact me anytime. But for now enjoy reading!Verena Signature